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Mi smo bića svetlosti

Dragi moji,

pročitajte priču o zlatnom Budi.

Mi smo bića svetlosti.

I sve što radimo, čega se setimo u fizičkoj formi su uloge koje smo igrali u nekom momentu.

I zato prolazimo kroz živote.

Da živimo i skupljamo, delimo iskustva.


Tema je oslobađanje vašeg svetla, dragi ljudi.

Ja ću da živim želje moje duše. I vi živite želje svoje.

Nije uvek izdvojiti zlato u blatu...ali je to igra.

Moja poruka iz travnja 2020. godine

We live in a world that is not suitable for our wants and needs. We are beings of light and somehow we allowed our lights to be dimmed by fear, lies, judgements.

Like in a story about the golden Buddha statue in Thailand, we 've been covered with concrete of guilt, shame, feeling of not good enough. We have been covered for so long that we have forgotten who we really are!

We are Mighty spirits. Vibration. Freequency of love and freedom.

We are here to create from a place of love.

Lies, fear, deceiving, control... Are the absence of awareness of our true nature.

Let's try and connect to our true nature.

Take a deep breathe and set the intention I am Connecting to love that I. Am.

Use this when facing a challenge, fear, anger...

Ljubim vas,


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